The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that killers are beginning to use text messaging to establish alibis.  In two murders earlier this year text messages were sent from the victims’ phones by the killers in an attempt to establish an alibi.  According to the article, “Nassau County’s chief of detectives and the two prosecutors and two defense attorneys assigned to the murder cases say that, in a combined 125 years in their professions, these were the first attempts by murderers to use text messages from victims’ phones as alibis.”

How were these criminals caught?  It would seem to the untrained individual that this would be a perfect way to conceal your whereabouts, but Det. Lt. John Azzata, chief of the Nassau County homicide squad, says unraveling a text alibi is not difficult, only time consuming. It involves obtaining and serving subpoenas and retrieving data from private phone companies. ‘It’s just a few more hurdles we have to get over.”