Philadelphia Housing Authority chief Carl R. Greene has admitted to hiring private investigators for a surveillance case on Kafi Lindsay, an aide for Board Chairman John F. Street. Greene notes that he wanted to determine work attendance for the aide and was able to conclude that the aide appeared for work sporadically and may have violated PHA residency requirements as well as other policies. Investigators also allegedly found that Lindsay may have been doing private legal work while being paid by the PHA. Street claims that the investigation, which included copying Lindsay’s hard drive and videotaping her, may have been illegal.

The private investigators, hired to determine whether the aide, Kafi Lindsay, 34, was going to work, concluded that her attendance was “sporadic,” that she may have done private legal work on PHA time, and that she appeared “to be in violation of one or more PHA policies,” including the agency’s residency requirement.

The five-page report, stamped draft, was secretly ordered up by Greene last year in an extraordinary effort on his part to investigate his boss, former Mayor Street, who appears to have been the ultimate target of the eight-month investigation.