With technology continuing to evolve at record speeds it can be challenging for those of us involved in the business to keep up.  But few things are worse than stories of elderly people attempting to use technology they may not be familiar or comfortable with being taken advantage of by tech-savvy criminals. Lawyersandsettlements.com recently released an article titled “The 14 signs of Elderly Financial Abuse” outlining some important ways to identify these criminal acts.

Some seniors have lost their homes, life savings, and other valuables by making mistakes in judgment or failing to protect themselves.  Many cyber-criminals specifically hunt for naive citizens to take advantage of.  SPAM messages, phone calls, and other simple attempts which can be easily identified by experienced investigators lead to millions of dollars worth of property being stolen every year.

Some elderly loved ones may be too embarrassed to admit when they have been taken advantage of, and it is necessary for family and friends to be aware of the signs and take preventative measures when possible.  If you feel a criminal act has taken place contact authorities, or those of us with the experience and knowledge of the business, to shut down criminals and prevent future acts from being committed.