The Wolfe Group’s Computer Forensic Specialists were called on recently to investigate a case involving alleged corporate espionage.  An ex-employee of a Dallas-based company was suspected of stealing corporate documents including client lists, price lists, project notes, and more in order to forward them to competitors and secure a better job for himself.  The Dallas company could show that the ex-employee had forwarded corporate documents to his personal email account by examining his corporate email, but they were unable to prove what the man had done with the documents from that point.

By examining the ex-employee’s personal laptop, given up through discovery of the case, the Wolfe Group’s investigators were able to find screen shots of the man’s personal Yahoo email account.  The screen shots showed the emails coming in from the man’s business email account and then being forwarded on to corporate executives of competing companies.

The investigation of the computer also turned up a previously unknown trip that the ex-employee had taken to a competitor’s business while still employed with the Dallas company.  The competing company’s executive sent an email to the ex-employee with an airplane itinerary attached and detailed instructions of the planned meeting.

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