The Wolfe Group’s computer forensic investigators testified recently on behalf of a woman who’s husband had been cheating.  We were asked by her attorney to investigate the family computer on which we found hundreds of pornographic pictures and a long history of web surfing “Escort Service” websites.

We were able to, through the combined work of our computer experts and private investigators, match up the dates from the husband’s recent business trips with web searches for Escort Services in the same cities across the nation.  Our computer investigators also recovered partial and full conversations through internet dating sites between the husband and several women.  Contact information was exchanged, services and activities planned, and even costs were discussed.

However, the most damaging information was discovered from the pictures found on the hard drive.  There were thousands of pictures of the family, the husband, wife, and their kids, involved in various activities on vacations, at birthday parties, and around the house.  But another folder on the drive, hidden deep within the user folder of the husband had hundreds of pictures of scantily clad or nude women.  Some of the pictures were obviously downloaded from the internet, but several appeared to be taken with a handheld camera.  Through examination of the metadata The Wolfe Group’s computer investigators were able to determine specific information from the camera used to take the pictures of the women and match that information to many of the pictures taken of the family.

Below is an example of one of the exhibits shown in court comparing the metadata of two of the pictures. The picture on the left was of the family’s children at a birthday party, and the one on the right taken of a woman in a hotel room.  As you can see, they are nearly identical: